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Preventative maintenance (PM) and Service Agreements ensures that your HVACR equipment is scheduled for cleaning, checked out, and serviced not only to reduce operating cost but also to protect your investment. Whether residential, commercial, or industrial, each system has critical functions that must be maintained to prevent costly emergency repairs and system breakdowns -- you can trust us for your heat pump maintenance, geothermal heat pump maintenance, air conditioning maintenance, refrigeration maintenance, chiller maintenance, cooling tower maintenance, boiler maintenance, etc.


AC maintenance is critical since we live in a coastal environment -- experience has taught us that outdoor units usually don't last more than 5 years due to the abrasive salt from the Gulf, especially within 1/2 mile -- PM systems last up to twice that. We make sure an AC technician provides a 22 point inspection that includes:

Cleaning and inspection of coils 
Filter cleaning or replacement 
Fan belt replacement and adjusting 
Motor and bearing lubrication 
Inspect heat exchangers 
Clean and adjust burners and pilots 
Clean and check blowers and fans

Checking and adjusting controls
Checking system amperage conditions 
Checking contactor and relay points 
Checking refrigerant and pressures 
Check operating temperatures 
Clean condensate drains and pans 
Spring & Fall system start up


Commercial & Industrial HVACR equipment should follow periodic maintenance procedures to ensure proper service lives and operating efficiency. We offer commercial & industrial customers PM agreements with options that are tailored for your system -- a small sample includes:

  • Documentation of all operating & maintenance functions
  • Check control system and sequencing parameters on all systems, including Energy Management Systems
  • Check for scale buildup, corrosion, & water impurities on chillers, boilers, and water-cooled condensers
  • Cooling Tower cleaning and inspection of automatic chemical feed system
  • Refrigerant & oil inspection, sampling, and analysis
  • Measure all system pressure drops and temperatures
  • Check voltage and amperage on system components
  • Thoroughly check pumps, valves, & piping for leakage
  • Check drains, shutoffs, rupture disks, strainers, etc
  • Clean or change filters on all systems, including DOAS & make-up air units
  • Comprehensive Air Balancing & Indoor Air Quality audits
  • Check chiller and boiler ratings to ARI & ASME standards